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"Edmonton-based chanteuse Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire is a fresh, anomalous presence in the world of singer-songwriters in Edmonton. For starters, she is bilingual, and passionately so (...). Then there is her lyricism - her song lyrics (which could all lead a separate existence as poetry by itself) are playful, quirky and robust, and simply crackling with rich references to a wide variety of things. Ariane is obviously a born writer who is itching to explore life via words and images. And then there is the music she makes - there is no pinning her down to genre. One minute she is singing an up-tempo folk pop song with playful lyric, the next minute she is purring seductively in a slow jazz-like song. (...) In terms of sensibility, Ariane seems a lot like Jane Siberry in that she seems very free spirited in her yen to use whatever musical and lyrical colours are on the palette in front of her. It is not surprising, therefore, that at the 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards Ariane received the "Outstanding Francophone Recording" award."
           – Review from CKUA's "Scenes From the Library"

“On her debut, Double Entendre, Ariane Mahryke Lemire braved a kind of musical wilderness by exercising her ability to explore any landscape she was ready to challenge: jazz, folk, spoken word, experimental; even the limitations of language seem to present no bounds, as she can seamlessly move between French and English not just in the confines of a live show but also in the frame of a recorded album. Now, with her follow-up Décousue, Mlle. Lemire once again proves that there are no parameters within her work: just like the long and infinite landscape of the heart of Canada.  This young chanteuse knows the prairies, and the landscape seems to wrap itself around her music. In this openness, the distance can be intimidating, but every 360 degrees is another open road, and surely Lemire is courageous enough to conquer the terrain in any direction it takes her.”
           – Eamon McGrath, singer-song writer

Un regard
Une proximité
Une lueure
Ça fait trop de bien
et un drolle de mal
t'avoir à mes côtés

J'ai la poitrine en noeuds
Les pensées contrariées
Les genoux qui tremblent
Le corps se rappelle
Les souvenirs poussièreux sortent de l'oubli

Plus de dix ans et encore
Un regard
Une remarque

Je suis à l'envers
De travers
Tu tires le fil et je suis décousue

Pas de réponses
Pas de solutions
Encore et encore que des questions
J'te donnerai tout ce que tu veux
Si ce que tu veux
C'est c'que je veux aussi

Tu me mets à l'envers
De travers
Tu tires le fil et je suis décousue

Avec toi
Tout ce que t'étais
Tout ce que tu sera
C'que tu es maintenant
Je veux tout
J'te veux pour de bon
Ça me prends au dépourvu

Ça me met à l'envers
De travers
Ça tire le fil et je suis décousue

J'ai peur de m'tromper
De faire encore un gâchis
Alors demande-le moi
Ce que tu veux
Je ferais tout ce que je peux pour te le donner

En me croisant les doigts

Tu me mets à l'envers
De travers
Tu tires le fil et je suis décousue

Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire
P'ti Wazo Media